14# Weekly Linux and Tech Update

  • Google Search is becoming worse in terms of result quality, with many results being spammy websites or leading to Reddit.
  • This decline is attributed to the increasing influence of Google’s ads division, which prioritizes ad growth over providing useful results.
  • The US has passed a law that will force TikTok to sell its US operations to a US company or be banned due to concerns about Chinese government interference and data privacy.
  • Nvidia is contributing to the development of open-source drivers for Linux, including the Nvidia Vulkan drivers, which could lead to improved support for Nvidia users on Linux.
  • Fedora 40 and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS have been released, with Fedora 40 including Plasma 6 for its KDE Spin and a pre-built package for p torch, a tool used for AI training and development.
  • The new versions of Fedora and Ubuntu are relatively uninteresting for most users, but KDE users on Fedora will see improvements compared to Kubuntu users.
  • There is ongoing work on the nvk open-source drivers for NVIDIA in Mesa 24.1, which should provide better performance and fix rendering issues in certain games.
  • Nintendo has issued DMCA takedown notices for Gary’s Mod content on the Steam Workshop, removing Nintendo-related content and sparking criticism from the game’s developer and fans.

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