15# Weekly Linux and Tech Update

  • The NixOS Community is imploding due to governance issues, including lack of coordination between moderators, ignoring concerns about military-industrial complex sponsors, and the Terminate Systems company acting like they call the shots.
  • Applications not made for Gnome, such as Kate KD’s powerful text editor, now look broken with missing icons due to the Gnome icon theme Adwaita not following the free desktop spec.
  • Gnome Foundation focusing on raising more funds due to operating at a loss for more than 3 years and hitting the threshold of tapping into reserves.
  • Windows 11 is losing market share to Windows 10, which may benefit Linux as users look for alternatives once Windows 10 is no longer supported
  • Linux Mint is starting to fork Gnome applications to make their own app collection called Xapps, which depends on Gnome Technologies but is not designed for other desktops.
  • Eight newspapers, including the New York Daily News and Chicago Tribune, suing OpenAI and Microsoft for using their content without authorization to fuel a commercial product.
  • Bizight 3.0, a Linux gaming distro, has been released based on Fedora 40
  • Tails 6.2, a portable Linux-based operating system, has been released with improved security and new languages

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