22# Weekly Linux and Tech Update

KDE Plasma 6.1

KDE Plasma 6.1 has been released with a host of new features and refinements:

  • Explicit Sync for NVIDIA Users: Enhances Wayland support, making it more usable.
  • Triple Buffering Support: Delivers smoother animations and screen rendering.
  • Remote Desktop Functionality: Now includes RDP support.
  • Persistent Apps: Remembers and reopens your last session.
  • Synchronization Features: Synchronizes keyboard and accent colors.
  • Panel Edit Mode Improvements: Makes panel editing more intuitive.
  • Simplified Shutdown Screen: Provides a more streamlined experience.
  • Enhanced Screen Locking Utilities: Improves security and usability.
  • Mouse and Cursor Improvements: Includes a new “shake cursor” feature for easier cursor location.

Cinnamon 6.2

Cinnamon 6.2 has also been released, featuring new improvements:

  • X App for Online Accounts: Simplifies setting up online accounts and integration into the Cinnamon desktop.
  • Greeter Badges for Sessions: Adds a personal touch to Cinnamon sessions.
  • Default Search Bar: Now shows by default when adding startup applications.
  • Workspace Switcher: Supports removing workspaces with a middle click.
  • New Screen Lock Delay Options: Adds more customization to screen locking.

Ubuntu App Center

The Ubuntu App Center has been updated with new functionality:

  • Local Deb Package Installation: Supports installing local deb packages, a feature added after user feedback.
  • Warnings for Untrusted Sources: Displays warnings and confirmation boxes when installing dev packages from untrusted sources.

Ubuntu Summit

The Ubuntu Summit is set to take place in The Hague, Netherlands, from October 25th to 27th:

  • Call for Abstracts: Invites speakers to submit their abstracts.
  • Booth Availability: Offers booths for projects and communities to showcase their work.

Framework Computer

Framework Computer has announced a partner-developed RISC-V motherboard for the Framework Laptop 13:

  • RISC-V Motherboard: Currently in development, using a Star5 JH7110 processor.
  • Alternative to Intel and AMD: Provides a new option for Framework Laptop 13 users.


postmarketOS has released a new version, postmarketOS 24.06:

  • Based on Alpine Linux 3.20: Ensures a solid foundation.
  • New Device Support: Adds support for devices like the Google Nexus 10 tablet and Lenovo ThinkPad X13S laptop.
  • New Software: Includes KDE Plasma Mobile 6 and Gnome Shell on Mobile 46.
  • Keyboard Mappings and Firmware: Updates keyboard mappings for Chromebooks and includes non-free firmware by default.


Kdenlive has released version 24.05 with significant updates:

  • Group Effects and Multi-Format Rendering: Enhances video editing capabilities.
  • Performance Improvements: Improves overall performance.
  • Improved Audio Capture: Enhances audio capture and includes panning and zooming with the middle mouse button.
  • Automatic Subtitle Translations: Uses Meta’s seamless M4T system for automatic subtitle translations.

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