23# Weekly Linux and Tech Update

Fedora 42 and Telemetry

  • Fedora 42 may include opt-in telemetry to collect system data
  • Data collected: hardware info, system settings, app usage, performance metrics, and crash reports
  • No IP address or personal info was collected; data was sent individually, not as a single dump
  • Goal: to help developers prioritize and focus efforts

Deepin 23 and AI Features

  • Deepin 23 release candidate includes AI-powered features
  • Personal knowledge assistant: arranges documents into a knowledge base
  • System assistant: explains system features and answers questions
  • Grand search: system-wide search with AI-powered actions
  • AI features run locally on the device, with no cloud dependency

Chrome OS Flex and Android Integration

  • Chrome OS Flex may be abandoned due to integration with the Android stack
  • Android kernel and frameworks will become the foundation for Chrome OS
  • Implications: Chrome OS may no longer work on x86 computers

Open SSH Security Vulnerability

  • Open SSH vulnerability (called “regreSSHion”) allows attackers to execute code with admin privileges
  • It affects up to 14 million servers worldwide
  • Fix is available; users should update their systems

Linux Mint 22 Beta

  • Based on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS
  • Drops snaps and gnome; replaces with cinnamon 6.2 and pipewire
  • New online accounts app and other changes

Proton and Privacy-Focused Tools

  • Proton expands suite of tools with Proton Docs, a privacy-focused alternative to Google Docs
  • Proton Docs supports real-time collaborative editing, comments, and feedback
  • Everything is end-to-end encrypted and protected

Linux Gaming News

  • Linux’s Steam market share remains above 2%
  • FEX, an x86 emulator for ARM Linux, receives update with AVX and AVX2 instruction support
  • Emulation is important for running proprietary titles on Linux

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