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Difference between WWNs, WWNN and WWPN?

Difference between WWNs, WWNN, and WWPN?

In storage systems and Fibre Channel (FC) connectivity, WWNs, WWNNs, and WWPNs play a crucial role. This article will provide a more in-depth understanding of these identifiers. What are WWNs? WWN, short for World Wide Name, is a globally unique…

What is Zoning and LUN Masking?

What is Zoning and LUN Masking?

In SAN system Zoning and LUN masking plays an important role. In this article will see what is this. What is Zoning? Zoning is configured to switched to control which host are allowed to communicate with each other. It creates…

What is Replication? and Replication offering for VNX?

What is Replication? and VNX Replication offering?

VNX Replication, Replication, VNX Block only system, VNX File only system, VNX Unified, VNX gateway, Recoverpoint, VNX Replicator, Mirror View, Loopback replication, Local Replication, Remote replication, SRDF, VPLEX, RTO, RPO If you are creating a data center then backup takes…