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Streamlining Cluster Efficiency A Guide to Migration of vCLS VMs

Migration of vCLS VMs

After the release of vSphere 7.0, vCLS VMs have become an integral part of our environment for DRS functionality. These VMs are created in the cluster based on the number of hosts present. However, there are times when we need…

Troubleshooting Guide No unhealthy upstream

Troubleshooting Guide: No unhealthy upstream

The smooth functioning of virtualized environments is crucial for businesses relying on them for efficient operations. However, technical issues can sometimes disrupt the performance of vCenter, causing inconvenience and potential downtime. In this article, we will explore a real-life scenario…

VMware Postgres Archiver Service changes the status to "stopped"

VMware Postgres Archiver Service changes the status to “stopped”

This article discusses my recent experience with a vCenter ticket, precisely an error message I encountered: “invalid vCenter server status: all required services are not up, stopped services: ‘VMware-postgres-archiver.” The customer attempted to take a vCenter backup from the Vami…