How to Enable/Disable the SSH for the ESXi

In day to day task we used ssh for connecting to your ESXi host. There are lots of customer who block the ssh service due to security concern. So when ever we need to troubleshoot those host we need to enable the ssh service.

I wrote this article and mention various ways to enable/disable the ssh service.

Enable/Disable the ssh using the host client

1.) Login to the host client
2.) Click on the action and select services There you will find the option to enable/disable ssh.

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Enable/Disable the ssh using the host client

Enable/Disable the ssh using the DCUI

1.) Login to the DCUI using the iLO/iDRAC
2.) Hit Alt+F2 and enter the root credentials
3.) Select the troubleshooting option

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troubleshooting option

4.) There you will find one option to enable and disable ssh.

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Enable/Disable the ssh using the DCUI


In this detailed article I cover lots of method to enable/disable the ssh server. Hope this article will help you a lot in your daily troubleshoot task. If you have any other way please feel free to share this in comment. We are more than happy to adds those method in the future update.

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