NAS Protocols | SMB and CIFS Protocols

This article will talk about the NAS Protocols and their importance and will also see how these protocols work. Protocols themselves fancy things. Will discuss all those things in detail in this article.

What are Protocols?

It is nothing but a set of rules. That we use while communicating. Like We have two people they want to communicate then need to have understood the same language not like one is good with English and another one only know Chinese, so this will not be the best communication. So to two people to communicate effectively we create some rules and those rules are known as Protocols.

What are NAS Protocols?

The rules that we use in NAS to communicate with the NAS are known as NAS Protocols. Let suppose we want to create create a shared folder in NAS where we can dump our data and that data can easily be access by all the people present in that network. We create a folder in our NAS and start putting that data over there. But how do we communicate with that folder? Here comes the protocols that help in communicating with the NAS.

Example of NAS Protocols -> SMB, CIFS

What is SMB?

SMB is also known as server message block. This protocol gives shared access to the printers, Files, and Serial ports between nodes and network. It is developed by Microsoft.

What is CIFS?

CIFS stands for a common Internet file system. CIFS is the dialect of SMB.

Both the Protocols are working the same, they both can be used interchangeably. Like SMB can speak with the SMB Client and vice versa as a port are sharing the same protocol. The most important work of both the protocol is to provide the file-sharing functionality.

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