Scale up and Scale out Solution? What are the difference?

There is a variety of storage solutions but in today’s article, we will talk about the most common practice in the IT world that is scale-out and scale-up Storage Solutions. Which one is the best and how we can use them?

Scale-up Storage Solution:

You have a rack mounting storage solution. So if you want more space you will go and buy one more drive enclosure or a rack of drive and connect to the rack mounting storage system. Now again you have a storage shortage again you go and buy one more drive rack and attach it to the solution.

But the main issue here is you have some bottlenecks like you cannot add more than 8 drives rack (It depends upon the storage solution that you are using). So you can add up to 8 but not more than that. Also if you add multiple drive racks there are two CPUs ( two redundant CPUs). That is controlling that I/O. So there is another issue they cannot sustain these high IO’s and last but not least the rack mounting solution cannot have more than 100 or 200 rack top of it (That’s a lot of racks, we never have that many racks😉)as it will lead to base bend and leads destruction.

So it’s a good storage solution but you cannot use it always. When even there is a vertical hardware growth is there that is known as a Scale-up storage Solution.

Scale Up Solution

Scale-Out Storage Solution:

So instead of adding the hardware component or hard drive rack vertical. you will buy another array and place it next to that. So that there are multiple CPUs to enhance the performance. there is no need no stress in the bottom rack so it will be safe. But in this solution, you need more space. as things are growing horizontally.

Scale out Solution

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