A study reveals that YouTube directed Trump supporters toward videos about voter fraud.

For several weeks between the 2020 presidential election and the Jan. 25, it's possible that YouTube's recommendation system increased interest in misleading allegations about voter fraud.

361 participants in the study who signed up before the election's results had their YouTube usage examined by researchers.

The study contributes to a discussion concerning "filter bubbles" and online echo chambers, in which people only consume content they agree with, either because they choose to do so or because digital platforms provide it to them, or a combination of the two.

The study's lead author, assistant professor James Bisbee, claimed that people who were already receptive to the conspiracies peddled by then-President Donald Trump had a route made for them by YouTube's suggestions.

In November 2020, YouTube came under fire for refusing to remove videos that falsely claimed that Joe Biden stole the election from Trump.

It refuted the study's conclusions, claiming that some of the video suggestions might have come from users rather than its algorithm.

YouTube is getting more scrutiny for its role in the 2020 election and politics.

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