Coming Soon: The Twitter Edit Button. This is how it will operate.

Twitter declared that they are finally giving the public what they've been asking for for 15 years: an edit button.

After more internal testing, the feature will be generally accessible.

A label that reads "Last Edited" and a timestamp will be added to each update to indicate that it was made during the allotted 30-minute editing window.

The firm expresses its expectation that the functionality will make tweeting "more approachable and less stressful" in a blog post.

However, there are already worries within the user base. Users worry that someone posting an innocent tweet with nefarious purpose could get likes and retweets, which would increase engagement.

This is one of the most noteworthy and frequently requested additions to the app, despite the fact that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had previously said it would "probably never" happen.

Users will be monitoring the edit button's rollout to see if it's all they've ever wanted—or if they make a change they quickly regret.

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