Images by James Webb Having Computer Viruses Stored on Them by Hackers

According to a cybersecurity firm, hackers have been hijacking the well-known James Webb Space Telescope image known as Webb's First Deep Field to infect computers with malware.

Online security company Securonix spotted the issue and described it in a blog post on its website on Tuesday.

The first deep field shot by Webb is this one. When NASA reported that it was one of the first legitimate scientific photographs from the James Webb Space Telescope, which was launched in December 2021, it immediately received a tonne of attention.

The enormous SMACS 0723 galaxy cluster is shown in Webb's First Deep Field.

The malicious malware may have downloaded an image that makes you wonder, but it is not what it seems.

Golang is a programming language that has begun to be utilised by some threat actors, according to Malwarebytes, and it was used to create the malware.

According to Securonix, the malicious files are programmed to run if the user permits macros, which is a phrase for automatic operations. Unfortunately, hackers can simply propagate malware utilising trustworthy systems by employing macros.

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