iPhone 14 wish list: 5 things I want to see in Apple’s next phone

We’re less than a week away from Apple’s annual iPhone event, where we fully expect to see the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro lineups.

While I’m not fanciful enough to believe Apple will actually release its mythical foldable iPhone anytime soon, there are still some more practical updates I’m hoping will come to fruition in this year’s iPhone 14 lineup.

Always-on displays have been around on smartphones for nearly a decade and arguably became mainstream on Android handsets five years ago

This was likely Apple’s way of dipping its toes in the water, and there’s at least some evidence that it wanted to bring this type of display technology to the iPhone 12 Pro lineup in 2020.

Better optical zoom

Ditch Lightning for USB-C

Faster wireless charging

Satellite communications

That’s not a new thing by itself; it’s been possible for years to make emergency calls even without a SIM card. That’s a legal requirement in many countries for obvious safety reasons.

This will require new communications hardware, so don’t expect it to come to older iPhone models simply because iOS 16 includes a new indicator. 

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