Why the Adoption of Biometrics Will Rise

Biometrics is being used on cruise ships and at sports venues and will expand to other industries because of its efficiencies.

A growing number of sports teams and stadiums have adopted the use of facial recognition and fingerprint scanning to alleviate long lines and counterfeit tickets. 

Airport security has normalized the use of biometrics, especially facial recognition.

Skipping the use of physical or virtual tickets could be a gamechanger and venues would use a hybrid approach for groups.

The adoption of using consumer fingerprints or their faces instead of tickets comes with its risks.

The glaring issue with using biometrics is that they do not change and if a database of fingerprints is compromised, the loss would be irreversible.

The U.S. does not have any data privacy protection laws -- the legal risks are on a par with any other data breach, Hijazi said. 

Biometric data isn’t considered health information, so the legal risks are minimal, Glassberg said. Federal regulations are also minimal.

Biometrics will expand to every industry in the future, Hijazi said.

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