What is File System and there use

We heard a lot about the File System. but few people are not exactly sure about the file system. so in this tutorial we talk about the file system and how we can use them, we also talk about the popular file system and their various types. First, we go with the what is file system.

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What is a File System?

A file system is a logical unit in the kernel that takes care of files. File take care of all the file operation like read, write and truncate. In the day to day life, we handle the data in the form of files let suppose you have to download some movie then you will download that in the form of a file, or if you want to send that movie to your friend you will share that in the form of a file. So file system is one of the important concepts of the Operating System.

File System

In every flavor of OS, you will file the file system there type will be different but the file system should be there. You organize your data in form of files using the file system. Let suppose you have your system if you there and open some folder and there you will find lots of files. So the collection of similar data is known as directories in Linux and Folder in Windows.

The file system also plays an important role in data management or file management. like in the drive we have a sector and if we want to store some data in your drive, there is a continuous sector available sometimes continuous is not available so the file system distributes the data in the sector and stored that value in the mapping table like this bit or chunk of data is stored in this sector. That’s how data can be fetch also.

data Mapping

Examples of file systems -> FAT, GFS, HFS, NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, etc

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