What is Kubernetes Architecture and Its Components.

So we already discuss about the Kubernetes  in my last article. In this article will talk about the Kubernetes Architecture and there component and how they work.

Kubernetes Architecture

So in the Kubernetes Architecture we have few things that we need to consider.

  • Node – Node is the instance of the physical or a virtual machine.
  • Cluster – It is nothing but the group of node
  • Master Node –  in a cluster its a master node that control all the other node in the cluster.
  • Worker Node –  in a cluster all the node except master node is known as worker node.

Component of the Kubernetes.

So we have the few component of the kubernetes that are follow:

  • ApiServer – its is the frontend or you can also called this as a dashboard or the interface. Using which you can control your dashboard.
  • Etcd – Its a key value store that store all the important data about the nodes in order to working on the cluster in a effective way.
  • kubectl – Its a cli utility/agent that run on each node in order to configure and manage the docker
  • Container Runtime – Its a underlaying software that run on the node.
  • Controller – Its make the descension in the time of failure.
  • Scheduler – as the name suggest its control all the distributed task.
What is Kubernetes Architecture and Its Components.
What is Kubernetes Architecture and Its Components.

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