What is load balancing router and there use ?

So we are doing work from home from quite some time and most of times there is issue with our internet either it’s not working or there is some fault. So we need a solution so that anytime something happen we can easily switch to other router or ISP. So in the research or that I found out the load balancing router. So in this article will discuss about the load balancing router and there benefits and there downsides.

What is load balancing router’s?

You can understand this in a way it’s a combination of 2 or more router where you can connect 2 or more ISP( internet service provider). So it will automatically switch the load of the network as per the requirement. It’s also fail over in time of service failure.

Load Balancing router
Load Balancing router

Advantages of load balancing router’s

  • High speed of internet
  • High availability
  • Benefit of having different ISP
  • Can able to create multiple network as per the home requirement. Like one is the office network and one is the entertainment network so make things safe and secure.
  • Best for torrent downloading as data is coming from different server so it can use the benefit of 2 ISP.

Disadvantages of load balancing router’s

  • You cannot access the secure sites as you try to login to serve using 2 ip. So there will be some issue while connecting there. You need to perform few troubleshooting steps and in order to ignore that.
  • You cannot get the optimized speed as a time of fetching the request you can only request from a same ip. So it will be slow not as fast as showing in speed test.


If you looking for some work from home solution than its a best thing that you can have. You can work without worrying about the network issue.


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