What is Yaml | Basic Syntax | DevOps | Introduction to YAML

In this article will talk about the Yaml and how we can use that.

What is Yaml?

It is a data serialization language. Its can easily by understand by humans. yaml usually used in writing the configuration files for the server, Database, etc. Yaml stand for yet another Markup Language.

In yaml we need to be extra cautious about the indentation.

Basic Yaml Syantax

In order to understand the Yaml Syntax we need to understand few things:

  • Key value pair
  • Array/List
  • Dictionary/Map

Key value pair

In key value pair we have one key and one value and we can understand that from  the below example:


Fruit: Apple

Vegetable: Carrot

Liquid: Water


Meat: Mutton

Laptop: Dell

Mobile: Mi

Array/ List

It is a collection of similar type of data or we can also say that its a collection of ordered data. We can understand the Array/List from the below examples:









– Carrot




Its a collection of the unordered data Or we can also say that in this will talk about the different attributes of a key and you can understand that from the below example:



calories:  105

fat: 0.4

carbs: 27



Brand: Mi

Model no: POCO X2

Battery: 5000mah

Camera: 48MP

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