8# Weekly Linux and Tech Update

  • System76 announced a delay in the release of their Cosmic desktop Alpha. They want more time to refine the core applications before releasing it.
  • A massive data breach in France exposed personal data on potentially 43 million French citizens. The data included Social Security numbers, email addresses, and phone numbers.
  • The EU backed down on regulating open source software (.free and open source software) after the Free Software Foundation campaigned against it.
  • The Linux kernel 6.8 is now out. It includes new features such as better support for upcoming AMD hardware, the ability to force old pages out of RAM, and faster TCP connections.
  • The New York Times is suing OpenAI because they believe OpenAI used their articles to train their AI model, ChatGPT, without permission.
  • Nintendo’s attack on the Yuzu emulator has had a chilling effect on the entire emulation world. Many developers have stopped working on emulators or made it more difficult to use them. 

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