What is Container Orchestration with Kubernetes?

From the previous articles we already know about the docker, kubernetes and container but what is Container Orchestration? So in this article will talk about the Container Orchestration and how its work. Also will discuss about the benefit of the Container Orchestration.

What is Container?

Its is a bundle of the apps and library. using which we can deploy a microservice  to large scale application. usually its like a package of the operating system without kernel and loaded with the all the necessary apps and library. Its uses the kernel of the host os and process there request using that only. In order to manage that we need the Orchestration platform like Kubernetes.

What is Container Orchestration?

In a lay man language container orchestration is nothing but the management of the container. Where it scale up and scale down as per the requirement.

How container orchestration works?

Lets suppose we have a environment where we have a cluster of 8 nodes(Already discuss about the node and cluster  in the Kubernetes articles). Its running a web apps similar to amazon. So in ideal days its run on 2 container hypothetically. Let suppose there is a sales season is coming and where there are lots of people try to access that web app. At that time in order to manage the load Kubernetes or the Container Orchestration platform deploy the multiple container in order to handle the flow and once the sales season ended its again back to 2.

You can  also say that when there is Container crash with the help of Container Orchestration it create the other instances of the Container  in order to run the operation smooth.

Advantage of Container Orchestration

  • Maintaine or Orchestrate containers across multiple node.
  • Optimize use of resourse to run enterpricse apps.
  • Automate the scaling and update.
  • Scale containerized applications on the go.
  • Selft heal is Automated

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