What is Virtualization and Benefit of Virtualization?

Virtualization sounds fascinating!! Ahh when I first heard about that term its looks so fascinating to me. Like your system have power to run hell number of machine your desktop. Yes you need hell lots of resources for that but like dual boot you can configure only 4 OS and with the help of Virtualization you can run n number of instances irrespective of OS like sometime if you want to try mac os or linux you can run anything. In this article will talk about the Virtualization and there benefit and the software that you can use for the Virtualization.

What is Virtualization?

The ability to run multiple virtual instances on a single machine. It most likely to run different OS in a single machine. The main advantage of a having virtualization you have a application that run only on Linux and in a day to day use you only use windows to virtualization give you a flexibility to just open the virtual app like Virtaulbox by Oracle and run the Linux instances and boom you are good to run the app. Rather than switching off you machine and selecting the dualboot and opening Linux.


Benefit of Virtualization

  • Allows admin to utilize there resource in a affective manner.
  • Its help in better distribution of load
  • Cost effective solution
  • Its allows faster deployment of resources
  • Its provide energy saving

Downside of Virtualization

  • Scalability issue
  • It create security risk

Types of Virtualization

  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Application Virtualization
  • Network Virtualization
  • Storage Virtualization

Desktop Virtualization

Its a an ability to run the desktop grade machine on the base machine or host machine. They usually use machine like hypervisor for this.

Application Virtualization

Its like running a application on a sever and now multiple people can login and use there Credtiantials and use an instances of the app like using gmail. They setup a mail app in the server and now multiple people can go and enter there Credtiantials and access the app.

Network Virtualization

System admin will create virtual networks over the physical networks so that one network can be create for the finance team and one for the application and so on. So this give them a flexibility to maintain network based on there department.

Storage Virtualization

It is a ability to create a storage pool and then distribute that to the different department in the organization. Because if we align single sever to every department and ask them to use one is not the best solution as testing team will not use that much of space and the finance team will use hell lots of storage so that’s not a perfect distribution of resource so we use the storage virtualization to easily handle this.

Best apps for Virtualization

  • VMware Workstation Player(Paid)
  • VirtualBox(Free)
  • Parallels Desktop(Paid)
  • Citrix Hypervisor(Paid)
  • Microsoft Hyper-V(Paid)

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