What is Zoning and LUN Masking?

In SAN system Zoning and LUN masking plays an important role. In this article will see what is this.

What is Zoning?

Zoning is configured to switched to control which host are allowed to communicate with each other. It creates a security layers so unauthorized access between initiator(Host) and Target(Storage) won’t happen. It create a logical path between initiator and target to communicate.

What is LUN Masking?

Using the zoning we control how a initiator can communicate with the target. But how we can give an access to the initiator to communicate with a particular LUN. That where LUN masking come into picture. LUN Masking is configured in a storage system to lock a LUN down to the Host or Hosts who are authorized to access it.


You can remember the Zoning and LUN Masking from the below points its always help

  • Zoning ->Switch Level
  • LUN Masking -> Storage System

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