1# Weekly Linux and Tech Update

The tech industry is buzzing with the latest updates on app stores, data privacy, and gaming on Linux. 🚀

  • Proton Mail, a sponsor for this video, offers an open-source, private, and encrypted suite that includes email, VPN, calendar, online storage, and a password manager. Zero-access encryption ensures your data is secure.
  • Apple’s recent move to open up iOS for EU citizens allows alternative app stores, vetted by Apple. Developers can use their payment methods, avoiding Apple’s 30% fee, but notarization is required. Spotify, Epic, and Mozilla criticize the changes as anti-competitive.
  • WHAN protocols have a new version, introducing a transient seat protocol for remote desktop support and a DMA-BUF protocol for better communication. The Enlightenment project is dropped due to lack of engagement.
  • Flathub, a Linux app store, hits 1 million active users and 16 billion app downloads. With over 2,400 applications, 850 are verified originals. Flathub focuses on user privacy and updates the free desktop SDK.
  • The Budgie desktop’s roadmap for 2024 aims at improving Flatpak and Portal support, completing the Wayland session, and releasing a Wayland-only Budgie 10 with continuous bug fixing based on community feedback.
  • In gaming news, Linux Mint’s Edge ISO is out with a newer kernel for enhanced hardware support. AANO opts for Windows 11 over Holo ISO for their new handheld, providing users with the option to install Holo ISO.
  • Proposed modifications to the Linux kernel aim to enhance the performance of Windows games and apps on Linux when using Wine or Proton. The new NT Sync driver may optimize synchronization APIs for better compatibility. 🎮🐧

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