3# Weekly Linux and Tech Update

  • Mozilla has a new CEO, Laura Chambers, who plans to define a clear strategy and double down on core products like Firefox.
  • Mozilla’s new service, Monitor Plus, which scrubs leaked data from data brokers for $14/month, has been criticized for its high cost and lack of guarantees.
  • Microsoft extended support for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS for VS Code after an update broke compatibility, leaving users unable to access their infrastructure.
  • Kubuntu 22.04 and other Ubuntu variants using KDE will not use Plasma 6, as their feature freeze is at the same time as the planned Plasma 6 release.
  • Apple’s malicious compliance with EU regulations continues, as progressive web apps (PWAs) in the EU no longer function as intended, opening as browser pages instead of full-screen apps.
  • Xfce, alongside Cinnamon, maybe the desktop for people who don’t want to move to Wayland too soon, as Xfce 4.20 will bring Wayland support but also maintain X11 compatibility.
  • Elementary OS 8 is now available in early access, with updates moving to the settings, improved search, and a blurred wallpaper in the multitasking view.
  • A new project, Cassia, aims to bring Windows games to Android using Wine, DXVK, Vkd3d, and FEX, but the complete package will not be open source.
  • Manaro unveiled the Orange Pi Neo, a handheld gaming console powered by a Ryzen 77840 U, with a 1920×1200 screen, 7 inches, 120Hz refresh rate, and running Linux out of the box.
  • Mesa 24.0 was released with updates to OpenGL, Vulkan, OpenCL, and video acceleration drivers
    • Imagination PowerVR Vulkan driver updated for Rogue architecture
    • Radeon Vulkan (rad-v or rad-5) driver improvements for faster ray tracing performance and new extension support
    • Intel ANV Vulkan driver enhancements with support for various new Vulkan extensions
    • NVK Vulkan driver added last year, now maturing with better performance and additional extensions
    • Progress on the Asahi AGX Gallium 3D driver for advanced GL extensions, including OpenGL 3.3
  • Damn Small Linux (DSL) distribution has changed its goal from a 50 MB system to a 700 MB limit to accommodate modern computing and a usable desktop experience
  • The FCC plans to vote on regulating AI-generated voices in robocalls, declaring them illegal under existing laws
  • Blue Sky, an open-source alternative to Twitter, has become open to everyone, offering a decentralized social network with a focus on user choice
  • Clonezilla Live 3.12 released with upgrades and enhancements, including a new ezio tool for server disk image cloning and deployment

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