7# Weekly Linux and Tech Update

  • Linux has passed a 4% market share on the desktop, according to StatCounter.
  • The growth of Linux on the desktop may be due to Microsoft’s lack of interest in Windows, the growth of Linux gaming, and the easiness of finding and installing software on Linux.
  • Fedora is dropping the X11 session for GNOME in Fedora 41, offering only the Wayland session by default.
  • Apple is being criticized for its malicious compliance with EU regulations and was fined €18 billion for preventing app developers from telling users about cheaper options to subscribe to services on iOS.
  • Nintendo forced the Yuzu and Citra emulator developers to shut down the projects and pay $24 million in damages.
  • A French court issued damages for a GPL violation, setting a precedent for open-source and free software licenses in France.
  • Linux kernel developers decided to prevent users from completely undervolting their AMD GPUs in the kernel 6.7 to avoid hardware damage.
  • NVIDIA users will not face the same issues as AMD users when adding newer HDMI features to their open-source drivers due to NVIDIA’s proprietary firmware blobs.
  • NVIDIA’s official open-source drivers are now performing well on geforce GPUs, but they cannot be included in the mainline branch of the kernel.
  • Arch Linux users can now update to Pac-man 6.1 for faster downloads, better error handling, and improved package building.
  • Flock to Fedora conference is back in Rochester, New York for a celebration of community code and collaboration.
  • AMD has been denied by the HDMI forum to enable full HDMI 2.1 features for Linux users through open-source drivers.
  • Zorin OS 17.1 has improved Windows app support, smarter app recommendations, and a revamped education edition.
  • Open Media Vault 70 has been launched with a bunch of improvements for this open-source NAS solution.
  • Linux From Scratch is a project that provides steps to build your own custom Linux system.

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