9# Weekly Linux and Tech Update

  • The US Department of Justice is suing Apple for anti-competitive practices, specifically in their app store and platform, claiming that they abused their dominant position and implemented barriers to leaving their platform.
  • GNOME 46 was released with features such as better notifications, experimental variable refresh rate support, and improved fractional scaling.
  • A problem was discovered in Plasma 6 where global themes or widgets are able to run arbitrary commands, including the potential to wipe the user’s hard drive.
  • Multiple scam crypto wallet apps were reported on the Snap Store, prompting discussions on how to secure the platform and the potential removal of all crypto-related apps until a solution is found.
  • Mozilla announced they will be shutting down access to their location services on June 12th, which will affect many Linux applications.
  • The Mesa drivers have evolved to a complete repo for graphics drivers, with performance on par with or surpassing Windows, but this comes with more responsibilities and work for developers.
  • The first fork of the Yuzu emulator, called Suyu, was taken down after a DMCA takedown notice from an unknown source, but its code is still available in a self-hosted git repo.
  • FSR 3.1 was announced with features such as less flickering and blurriness, and frame generation features are no longer linked to upscaling features.
  • Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart is one of the games that will support the new FSR 3.1 upscaling technology.

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