Exploring Linux Mint 21.3: A Solid Wayland Experience!

  • Linux Mint 21.3, based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, has been released.
    • The next release will be based on Ubuntu 24.4.
    • It still uses the old Ubuntu LTS base, packages, and kernel version 5.15.
    • MESA drivers version 23 is included, but not the latest Nvidia drivers.
    • The newer ISO plan, called the Edge ISO, has a newer Linux kernel for running on newer hardware.
  • Cinnamon 6 is the latest update to the default desktop environment.
    • MATE and Xfce variants are also available, with app updates but no desktop environment updates.
  • Introduction to the new experimental Wayland session for Cinnamon:
    • Can be selected from the login screen.
    • Tested on a laptop with both Intel XE integrated GPU and dedicated Nvidia GPU.
    • Display resolution, windows, performance, and multimonitor support work mostly as expected.
    • Missing features, issues with OBS, screen sharing, and screen recorders.
    • Lack of graphical password prompt for package installation or system updates.
    • Inconsistencies in menu placement and some applications behaving erratically.
    • Some features, like changing keyboard layout or gestures, are not available in the Wayland session.
  • Other changes and updates in Linux Mint 21.3:
    • Hypnotics (TV-watching app) now allows setting channels as favorites and creating custom TV channels.
    • Cinnamon lets you download actions (add-ons for the file manager) that appear in the right-click context menu.
    • Warpinator (file sharing app) allows connecting to a device manually and supports drag and drop in the file manager.
    • Small changes to the desktop, including 75% fractional scaling on X11, key binds for window opacity, and disabling stylus buttons.
  • Instructions for upgrading to Linux Mint 21.3:
    • Launch the update manager.
    • Click the refresh button for an update to the update manager itself.
    • Click on the edit menu and select “Upgrade to Linux Mint 21.3 Virginia”.

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