Flatpak Vulnerability Allows Sandbox Escape (CVE-2024-32462)

Flatpak is a software deployment system for Linux that allows users to install and run sandboxed applications. A recently discovered vulnerability (CVE-2024-32462) in Flatpak could allow malicious applications to escape the sandbox and execute code on the underlying system.

How to Verify If You Are Affected

This vulnerability affects Flatpak versions before 1.10.9, 1.12.9, 1.14.6, and 1.15.8. You can check your Flatpak version by running the following command in your terminal:

flatpak --version

If the output of this command indicates that you are using a version of Flatpak before any of the aforementioned versions, then you are potentially affected by this vulnerability.

How to Resolve the Issue

The recommended solution to address this vulnerability is to upgrade to a patched version of Flatpak. The following steps outline how to upgrade Flatpak on different Linux distributions:

  • Ubuntu and Debian:
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade flatpak
  • Fedora and CentOS:
sudo dnf upgrade flatpak
  • Arch Linux:
sudo pacman -Syu flatpak
  • Other distributions:

The specific upgrade command for your Linux distribution may vary. Consult your distribution’s documentation for instructions on how to upgrade packages.


This vulnerability could allow malicious actors to exploit the vulnerability to gain unauthorized access to your system and potentially steal sensitive data or install malware.


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