What Is Docker And How It Works?

In this article will talk about the Docker and how its work. In the modern IT we talk lots about the Docker so we need to understand it efficiently in order to use that in our general operation. but in order to understand the Docker first we need to understand a problem.


There are two island and island 1 want to transfer something to island 2. so what he will do he will gather all the items that he want to send to the island 2 and but them into a box and and transfer to the island 2. Now here that box is know as container as it contains all the required things that island 1 want to send it to island 2.

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let understand same things from the IT perspective. There is an organization#1 who asked organization#2 to create a ERP. Now organization#2 created that ERP and send it to organization#1. but now that ERP is not working in the organization#1 as they are using some different or and some different databases due to which ERP is not working properly. Again it send to organization#2 to check that but here its working.

So Docker is a software that make testing and deployment of the apps easily and here things are created in the container so that when ever its reach to its destination its won’t tempered.

How Docker Works?

lets understand how docker work, we create the virtual machine over the host or the base machine using hypervisor. but in which what happen. they are completely isolated. but there docker is something like (apps – kernal). Like every OS is created with the 2 things (Apps + kernal). So Docker will install all the OS apps and use the host or base OS kernal to process.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Docker

Advantages of Docker

  • Deployment is fast
  • As kernel is not there hence boot timing is fast

Disadvantages of Docker

  • its not completely isolated
  • you cannot use window docker over linux base machine and vice versa

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