What is Kubernetes and What can you do with Kubernetes?

As from the previous article we already know about the Docker and the containers. In this article will talk about the Kubernetes and how we can use that.

What are Kubernetes clusters?

We created our container but how we can scale up and scale down automatically as per the requirement. Here comes the Kubernetes. Its an container orchestration platform use to quickly scale up and scale down the resource as per the load. Kubernetes is develop by the google and its one the container orchestration platform that’s widely use in the market.

How does Kubernetes work?

In a cluster we have worker node and master node. Let suppose we have a cluster of 8 nodes so 7 nodes will be a worker node and remaining one will be act as the master node. As per the master node instruction container will scale up and scale down.

What can you do with Kubernetes?

  • Maintain or Orchestrate containers across multiple node.
  • Optimize use of resource to run enterprise apps.
  • Automate the scaling and update.
  • Scale containerized applications on the go.
  • Self heal is Automated

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