What is Hypervisor and there types?

In this article will talk about the fancy word hypervisor, what exactly it is and how we can use it.

What is Hypervisor?

It’s software that creates and runs a virtual machine. It creates the silos in the machine where you can run the different VM’s. In other words, we can also say that hypervisor is a place where we can manage and create VM’s.

Usually, the hypervisor runs on a machine that is known as Host and the VM’s that run on top of that is known as Guest Os. Hypervisor gives you the ability to run multiple OS simultaneously.

They collect the resources like CPU, Memory, Storage, and Network and create a pool of that and then those things and distributed to the VM’s on a shared basis. The best part of the virtualization you can use the machine at the best and optimum level.


Types of Hypervisor

  • Type 1 Hypervisor
  • Type 2 Hypervisor

Type 1 Hypervisor

They are more of a native Hypervisor or a bare-metal hypervisor. They are running directly on the host without the interference of any OS. The best example of type 1 hypervisor is Hyper-V, KVM, VMware Vspher, etc.

Type 1 Hypervisior

Type 2 Hypervisor

They are mostly the traditional hypervisor where there are running on top of the host OS. The classic example of the type 2 hypervisor is VMware workstation and Oracle VirtualBox

Type 2 Hypervisior

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